Friday, September 11, 2009

This week

I've aged about five years.
Sid started grade one. For the most part it's been great. The one and only problem: lunchtime. We live close enough to her school to walk but it takes her about 20 minutes. Couple that with only an hour for lunch and a sleepy Dad who works late as a chef (not to mention a Mom who works part time and would like to get back in the jewellery studio soon) and you see why we'd like her to stay for lunches. I have to say the school program is pretty awful. I don't blame her one bit, especially since most of her friends either go home for lunch or are in other classes.
After crying and a trip to McDonalds for lunch, I bribed her with getting her ears pierced and she found a lunch buddy...phew. Let's hope next week is better.
Here's some pics of the first day:

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