Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A crafty weekend

The princess and I ( the king was busy as he's a chef and it's the Toronto International Film Festival right now, so he's working like dog... poor guy) enjoyed a nice quiet weekend at home, complete with crafts.
Here's a few:
A layout:

Some flower barrettes (made from left over scrap supplies and my glue gun):

And cute pumpkin lanterns (which are not quite finished). I saw the tutorial on this awesome blog I just discovered. Check it out here, she has wicked projects for adults and kids:

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!!


Tracey said...

Lots of yumminess. The layout is gorgeous, the barrettes are adorable and the lanterns are fabulous!! YAY for crafty weekends!!

Emily said...

These turned out so cute! I LOVE your layout too.....awesome! Thanks for the link-up!