Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's a girl to do on a snowy afternoon??

Design a logo that's what! Karen (the super sweet founder of Butterfly Crafts) mentioned she was open to some new logo ideas fro the blog, so I went to work in Photoshop. It was tricky at first since most of my downloaded graphics are copyright protected and not intended for websites. Then I remembered last spring I designed a digital kit (but was too shy to actually release it). So I had lots of goodies to play with to make this cute (I hope) butterfly logo. I love graphic design and if I ever win the lottery, I'm going back to school for it!


Kate's Life said...

Vic this is sooooo killer! I love it! Seriously awesome Babe!

Tracey said...

Looks like time well-spent Vicki! Great logo!!

Karen said...

Thanks so much for the great logo Vicki!!! You're a star!!! xx