Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful (warning: rather sentimental post ahead!)

As a general rule I tend to be a half empty glass kind of girl. I've spent a good few years of my life trying to change that. With that in mind, I've realized that this has been a good week. A darn good week. We didn't win the lottery or anything spectacular (well, I haven't checked my Super Seven numbers yet) but a number of good things have happened.
Sean got accepted into a management training program at work, which will help him add to his innumerable talents. He's such an awesome chef and this will help him round out his management expertise.
I got the final part of my promotion at work finalized (the unexpected raise part) and passed the probationary period. I also have my layout in Canadian Scrapbooker out in stores now(which was probably my most labour intensive layout ever and one of my favourites) and the acceptance into the aforementioned design team.
For me, as a former stay at home mom and before that, small business owner I'm not used to much praise (come to think of it there's striking similarities to both vocations). So the best part of the week was when my boss looked me in the eye and thanked me for doing such a good job.
One year ago I couldn't have imagined myself not just working in my chosen field, but doing well.
I'm thankful, more than I can say.


Kate's Life said...

Congrats on your great week! Such amazing news about Sean- he is going to kick butt!!!!
Congrats to you to babe- you rock everything you do! Your old gig at home may not have come with a lot of daily praise, but one look at the amazing person Sid has become is proof enough of what an amazing mom you are! My little man has been forever impacted by you and your time with him (and he is pretty darned amazing if you ask me!!!)
Yahoo for you! You have always had a big fan right here- it is about time the rest of the world caught up!!!! :)

Tracey said...

YAY for you Vicki!! So glad good things are happening for you and your family all around!!!

Kimberley said...

Well I know we haven't met in person - but I am a huge fan too!
Vicki - you are so sweet and kind and talented and deserve daily praise. We don't all get that though... just know that the good things happening to you this week are because you worked for them, you deserve them, and when you are giving - you get too sometimes!

Deanna said...

Congrats and much deserved! Love when good things happen to good people!

Kate's Life said...

Come check it out!

sarah said...

congratulations!!! it's always good to hear a fellow scrapper doing well! :)


Regan said...

yay for you!!! that is super!!

Stephanie M said...

A huge congrats to you!!!! :)