Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've been tagged

Kate tagged me. I've never been tagged before so please be gentle!
Seven random facts about me:
1. I hate the feeling of popicles sticks against my teeth. Or wooden spoons.
2. My favourite flower is a Flowering almond. It's a tree that I stalk every spring.
3. I'm always early, hardly ever late.
4. I don't like most fruit and a REALLY hate bananas. Give me veggies any day.
5. I've had the same pillowcases for years. (I do wash them regularly, I just can't part with them!)
6. I make my bed before I get into it not when I get out of it. (mostly because Sean still sleeping)
7. I love to dance with Sid!


Kate's Life said...

Yeah Vic!!! Thanks for playing!!! I love that you stalk a tree!!! Had no idea about the fruit thing- ya think you know someone!!!
I can't believe you have never been tagged before! I feel honored to be your FIRST!!!!lol

Regan said...


lol the word verification is buttertree

Anonymous said...

i totally know how you feel about pillowcases. i'm attached to mine as well.