Saturday, December 07, 2013

Today's Tutorial: Painting on metal

Metal elements are hot in Scrapbooking these days and I am addicted to painting them. My current favourite technique is to paint them a nice silvery colour with some blue and green patina style accents. It's super easy.

 I like to use Distress Paint in Brushed pewter as a base coat (especially nice if your metal is too dark for your project). Then I let it dry, you can heat it with a heat too but keep it well above the metal as it will bubble and leave a bumpy texture. Next, I apply Glimmer Glaze in the colour "All That Jazz", it's nice brilliant blue and looks great over the metallic Distress paint. Finally a few drops of Glimmer Glaze in "Sea Kelp" provides a nice contrast, this colour is really dark so I usually add just a few drops and spread it with a dry brush. (Glimmer Glaze is a sticky, translucent enamelish paint, reminiscent of nail polish. Use with good ventilation.)
Here's a few examples of some I have done in the past: (click on image to it larger)


I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Thanks for reading!!

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