Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homemade gifts: Flower mirror

I find myself home this week after badly spraining my ankle...again. This is the third bad sprain in 15 years. It hurst like crazy and I can't do much so I might as well blog!
Wanna see??
Ugh! Gross huh? Sorry!! I'm waiting for x-rays, although I'm pretty positive it's not broken. I've been down this road before. Now on to prettier things!

For Mother's day this year I made my Mom this handmade gift. I didn't make the mirror but I did paint it, stencil it with Glass Bead Gel and make each of those tiny numerous flowers. I found this lovely tutorial and used the techniques shown to create said flowers. I used regular printer paper, Distress Ink in Broken China, Tattered Angles Chalkboard spray in Sprout (applied with a Q-tip to the centre) and adhesive pearls.
My Mom loved it so much she's planning on painting the bedroom to match it.

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Kerr's about reading said...

That's beautiful!

Joy said...

AAAAHHHHH that looks painful Vic. I hope the pain goes away sooner than later.
That is a beautiful frame! I love the texture and those awesome flowers.

Barbara said...

ouch!!!!! That looks like it hurts - a lot!

What a pretty frame.