Tuesday, September 18, 2012

canvasgeddon part three and my new baby!

 I made this canvas for Sid's room as a reminder for the school year. Just a little prospective for her to help her navigate the tricky world of grade four girls. Some random paper from my stash, thickers and some vellum for the butterfly "underwings".
click to see it bigger!
And finally, as many of you know I work in jewellery store and these days the price of gold (and to a lesser extent silver) has skyrocketed. I found a stash of nearly a pound of silver from old unfinished jewellery, mistakes and ugly old pieces. So I sent it down to the smelters, took the cash and bought a DSLR...finally! Without further ado, meet  my new baby, Ginger: 

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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

pretty pretty!

Joy said...

Very pretty, I love those layered butterflies. YAY a new camera, very nice. Good choice.