Wednesday, May 09, 2012

40 before 40

Once again, I've been a little MIA from this dear blog. I've been working on a few top secret projects.
The most recent has been a digi-album (good lord...did I say "digi"?...let's just say it's been a loong time since I've played around with those vitual supplies. Hello 2008!) for my parent's upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. I will post some pics here soon but here's a little sneek peek:
The Cover Page

My other top secret project has been on going the past few months. It started this winter when I decided I was tired of being fat. Yep, fat....I said the "F" word! Round, Curvy, Fluffy...whatever the word, I am done. Since my late teens I've gained at least forty pounds. That's what you get for hooking up with a chef!
 I made a decision not to go into my forties fat. I had a year and a bit. In my head a I nicknamed the project "Forty before Forty". Realistically it's more like "Thirty before Forty" but that doesn't have the same ring.

I started using the "Lose it App" on my ipod and I was off. I lost ten pounds pretty quick. I felt great....I still looked the same. I got frustrated and a bit lazy. I gained back almost all of it.
Then this April, my husband decided to give it a try. We became that annoying couple that talks about calories all the time. Sidney actually uttered the sentence: "Guys, it's not polite to count your calories at the table" the other night.
We have been keeping each other on track. My coworkers are also watching what they eat and helping me along the way. Fifteen pounds down 15+ to go. Six and a half months left. I now walk at a five mile per hour pace to work and can climb the 10 flights of stairs to my home pretty easily. The best part: my fat pants fall off of me now! I mess up still once in awhile but over all I'm much more conscious of what I'm putting in my body.
I've started taking E3 Live again and some pro-biotic supplements. Over all, I feel pretty good and have noticed an increase in my energy levels.
So here's hoping I can continue at this pace. I can't wait to be able to tuck my shirt in's been far too long.

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marlene said...

Hi Vicki, I use Lose It too and I love it. I lost about 15 lbs so far myself. If you want friend me on there, I'm Marlene Filipiuk. Love your blog :)