Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Round Up

First off let me say Ballet is done for the year woo hoo! The princess had her recital at the National Ballet School yesterday. She was beautiful. Tears started flowing the second she put her pointed toe on stage. We couldn't take any pictures or videos, so here's a shot of the princess post-recital. Sorry for the unedited grainy photo!
Also, I'm done working Sunday until September...woo hoo!!! Our weekends are ours again. It will so nice to have a few days a week with no where to go. Especially since Sean start's school next week, so our week days will be very busy.

I have some big exciting news! I will be teaching my first ever Scrapbooking class this July. It will be at SDG Crafts on Eglinton Avenue in Toronto. My first class will be "Introduction to Scrapbooking" so if any of you want to get started scrapping and haven't known where to start this class will show you how.
The contact info is on my sidebar or you can send me a message and I will set you up! I'm so excited!! Roxanne and Andrew who run the store are lovely people and very helpful if you have any questions.

Here's a few pages I have yet to post:

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