Saturday, June 04, 2011

Stepping back.

For the first time in about three years I'm no longer scrapping for hire. I've decided to take a break from Design Teams this summer season...or possibly longer.

For practical reasons, it's due to a big change in the Murray-Moore household. As many of you know, Chef-boy is heading to teacher's college this summer. I will have my hands full being the main bread winner for a few months and keeping the princess out of his hair.

It's more than that. I'm burnt out artistically. I love that DT's force me to create and force me to finish, but I need to play, experiment, discover and grow. I need to be inspired rather than inspire. I need new challenges. I need to start blogging again too.

So, I've been making new pages, a new blog header, painting (please be!) and exploring an exciting new opportunity that I hope will come to fruition.

Stay tuned for the journey!

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