Monday, April 12, 2010

Up close and personal with spring

I love shooting in macro.
I think it's because most of my pre-scrapping photographic experience was shooting pictures of my jewellery.
However, I really have a tough time shooting macro outdoors. Nothing comes out the way I want it to.Thankfully this past week I had a break through. I realize I usually get embarrassed taking close up photos around strangers and I rush the shot. So, this time I slowed down, relaxed and didn't worry about how crazy I looked. After all, if I saw someone taking a photograph I would think it was cool.
The first two shots are from produce bins in Chinatown. The second is a Magnolia, to which I added a wet plate texture. The last one is water drops that Sidney and I shot after school on Thursday.
All photographs were edited with the Pioneer Woman's actions for Photoshop Elements 5.


bananagirl said...

Vicki, those are beautiful pictures, I haven't yet grasped the macro settings, practice, practice, practice, and maybe a new lens would help!!!

You should enter the Macro contest going on over at

She always has fabulous prizes.

KimmyKimKim said...

Ummmm yeah.
Incredibly gorgeous!

Lisa (sharpie) said...

Looks great!
I LOVE shooting macro. Funny enough, my outdoor ones always turn out but I don't seem to do so well indoors!