Monday, March 09, 2009

Life gets in the way...

of blogging! We've been busy 'round these parts. (I say that part in my head with my "cowgirl" voice I do for Sid. It's pretty funny Sid treats me as a different person and calls me Matilda when I talk like that).
Last week we went out to Woodstock for my Uncle's 65th birthday. We had a blast! Sid loved playing with all my cousin's kids and eating cake. I was so proud of her, she was very well behaved. Here's a few shots: (oh and check out that necklace I'm wearing, it's a 22 karat gold and garnet Indian Necklace I borrowed from to love the perks)

The first pic is my Dad and Sid, the second is my Dad and his siblings and the third is my Dad, Mom, Me and my Brother. I'm not happy about how I look in this shot but we rarely get family shots round these parts (there goes the cowgirl accent again!) I had to post it! My lovely sister in law Kym took the pic.
Butterfly Crafts has a new Challenge up, with a great prize. Check it out and play along!! Here's my take!!

Thanks for reading my rather long winded post!!!


Stephanie said...

hi vicki, how's life? :)

love your necklace.:) and your lovely layout too!

Kimberley said...

Love your "long-winded" post and your cowboy accent. It's great that you explained that... I do the same thing! Too funny Matilda! (Can I tell you how adorable THAT is too?)

Great los, great necklace, great family pic! Hope you are doing well. Sure seems like it!

The word verification word is "lactorem" which made me think of nursing a baby in harry potters world. Not sure why I needed to share that with you - but there it is my friend. Sounds like a milk spell to me! Lactorem!

Kate's Life said...

Sid is getting sooo big!!!! I am in the same boat with the blogging ( and everything else it would seem!) Great pics- love the necklace and the layout!
Be well my friend!