Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's a lovely spring day today. We went to the CN tower since Sid's never been there and it was a warm clear day. Boy that was an expensive half hour. Yikes. At least I got a few good shots. Sid made me walk on the glass floor, which I'm terrified of. I bet I looked a little funny!
Here's a few unedited pics:

Here's a digi layout I did for a magazine call. I can't wait for summer!!!


Tracey said...

Wasn't it gorgeous today?!?! Great CN Tower pictures. You are braver than I. So not good with heights here.

Love your layout, by the way! You rock the digi! Good luck with the call.

Kate's Life said...

That pic of Sid is hilarious!!!! Great day to do the tower! I have never done it myself- too chicken! Sounds like you had a great day!

Karen said...

Hi Vicki,

Great pic's of the CN tower!! I went there in 2006, but was not brave enough to go to the top so my Hubby had to go up by himself lol

Karen xx