Saturday, April 26, 2014

Today's Tutorial: Printing resist

Here's a very quick tutorial for a colourful background for cards, art journals or scrapbook pages.

I started with book paper, gel medium, stencils, a gelli plate, a brayer, gelatos (gelatos are creamy, water based paint sticks), baby wipes and paper towel.

1. Roll a thin layer of gel medium over your gelli plate and position stencil above it.
2. Put book paper on on top and smooth with your hands. Peel off and let dry. 
3. At this point  remove then stencil and pull another print with the reverse image. This often results in a much more "organic" print, but creates a fantastic textured effect. *This is the benefit of using the gelli plate. You get two pages from one application of gel medium, instead of just the one page you would get from painting directly over top of the stencil and paper.*

4. After the pages are dry, the real fun begins! Scribble lots of yummy gelato colour all over your design. Work in colour groups so the colours don't get muddy. My favourites are red, orange and yellow and blue and purple. Blend colours with a baby wipe, being careful not to rip paper. Alternate using baby wipes with paper towel for different effects. Have fun and experiment!

Here's few of my pages using various stencils (for the last page I rubbed in some Inka-gold to add  some shimmer):

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