Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thank you

I am overwhelmed from all the comments, messages, emails and thoughtful acts of reaching out.
Thank you, it means the world.
Mom is doing okay. We are taking it day by day. She's had cognitive testing, which did not go too well...the hour long wait in a windowless exam room did not help. I found her a nice Medic Alert bracelet and had it engraved with her name, address and my Dad's cell number. (Good idea Dad!)
My Dad discovered some medication issues that have been corrected and has booked appointments with specialists. My brother has been a tremendous help, it warms my heart to think of them spending so much time together, and I know she likes it too. 
We have had a few visits and she seems pretty good. She, along with my Dad, came downtown for my birthday and to visit me at work, she seemed happy and almost like her old self. We speak almost daily on the phone, as I have been working on my genealogy lately and she's excited to learn what I've discovered. She's better when she has stimulation and not alone. This stupid endless winter weather does not help, but it will not last forever. My Dad is doing everything he can for his love and I can't imagine what he must be going through.
So, we carry on as best we can and your kindness has made a little bit easier.

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J Daley said...

It's nice to read a little encouraging news Vicki, thank you. I will get down to Toronto asap. By coincidence Chris's middle sister announced she was throwing herself a 50th bday party the day after I read your 1st post. I made him promise to go out to Vanc. for this happy reason, rather than the usual sad reasons...Dad's heart attack etc. he made the arrangements & then life got in the way as it likes to do. Now he is in Israel for 10 days, returning via Scotland (sounds like a movie plot to me) & I'm the one going to Vancouver for the party! lol. Leaving next week on Wed nite til Monday morning & will take full advantage of the trip...spending time with my sister, Jen, Michelle my step-sister & all of Chris's family of course. When I get home I work for two days and then we leave for March break with the kids in Mexico. After that I will look at coming down to TO when William can come down too. We will have a visit with your parents, as much as your Mom can handle. I will keep you posted so that perhaps we can have a dinner. Hope you will be up for that? Love Jo xo