Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank you

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The princess recently spent a week with her Nana, Grandpa Wally and Auntie Melissa (I'm not allowed to say "Missa" anymore).
She had an amazing time going to day camp at UWO, having a mani-pedi, swimming, having a sleepover with her step-cousin and playing with Nana's feline brigade. I am forever grateful for these wonderful people in our lives.  Just knowing Sidney is having a fabulous time with them is an amazing gift. We are very lucky in the household to have supportive and generous family, on all sides.
I whipped up these two thank you cards for the grandfolk and Auntie Melissa to accompany some much deserved wine.

The majority of these cards are inked with Distress ink, straight from the pad via the craft sheet and water. The green card has a background stamp coloured with Distress Markers. Distress Markers are my favourite addiction! (Roxanne's got lots of them for a great price here). The orange card has some stitching and the green has bling.
Thanks for stopping by! (Oh and Sean is ALMOST done school so I'll be posting more crafty goodness in no time).

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Joy said...

So pretty! I'm going to have to try that craft sheet and water technique again. WOW. Awesome cards.
I'm lovin' my distress markers too!