Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nutcracker Diva and One Proud Momma

The picky princess had her Nutcracker debut this past Sunday and even though she was only on stage for about a minute and a half, I thought she was spectacular. I was watching on monitor at the stage door. She was a perfect chubby, grey mouse. No pictures yet of the costume but here's a few from before the big show. She was so nervous and scared. I told her to take a breath and look at all the kids coming to the show. Maybe they would watch her dance and want to become a ballerina. Maybe she could inspire someone.


Sean said...

Daddy is proud too!

Roxanne said...

So amazing! I have friends who attended the show and even I was all "OH MY FRIEND DAUGHTER IS A BABY MOUSE!!" I think its a proud moment and with all the work and commitment that goes into it you deserve to be proud and so does your little mouse.