Thursday, June 24, 2010

everday idols

The latest challenge at the All About Me blog was to scrap our idol. Ummm...that was a rough one since I have many. And despite the fact that I live my life like an open book I really didn't feel like scrapping that. Shocking...I know!
So, I put my thinking cap on and had a little epiphany. I don't have one idol. I have thousands. No one is perfect and I treasure something about everyone in my life.
I picked people in my day to day life and narrowed down their best traits to just one (which was really hard!). They are my everyday idols.
Come play with us on the blog, there's an awesome prize this month!


Kate's Life said...

Hey! That's my picture on there!!! Thanks Vic- you really shouldn't do something like that to a preggo lady- I am sitting here weeping like a fool!!!! You're my idol in so many ways- your awesome talent to begin with!!!
p.s. I believe I am looking enthusiastic in that photo because I am about to eat a piece of Ennio's ravioli...mmmmmm Ennios!!!

Diana said...

Oh This is so beautiful. I love your design and your journaling.

Laurie! said...

I just love how you did this layout! So cute!

janis said...

lovely design - - i love how you put a lot of pictures of people and "idolize" the best trait you saw in them!!!

Jennifer Campbell said...

What an absolutely fabulous layout!!! Great take on the AAM challenge!!! Just amazing!