Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is my latest embroidery project. Surprise it's another tea towel...I really need a Micheal's run! I'm very pleased how this sweet little kitty turned out.
This little gal is a birthday gift my wonderful mother in law, who by the way reads this blog sometimes. (Hi Judy, please forget you saw this!!) I love giving her stuff I make because she actually appreciates it. She also loves cats so when I saw this pattern I immediately thought of her. I'm planning on making a few more with similar patterns to complete the set. She's fostering a whole mess of abandoned kitties right now. So, if you live in Southwestern Ontario and are looking for a kitty leave me a comment and I can hook you up!

I've been scrapping up a storm lately but don't have anything to share just yet. Most of it's half finished or not photographed or top-secret!
Next week I'm working a million and half hours so I won't be around much to play...sigh. Also, on Friday I officially become middle aged...yikes!

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Kate's Life said...

First- love love love your embroidery!!! You are amazing!!! Can't wait to see your scrappy stuff too( I am sure it will be worth the wait!)

As for the Middle aged comment....WHAT!!!!!! Have you lost your stinking mind!!! UGH! Now I am depressed!!!!