Thursday, December 31, 2009

New decade...rambling post of refections

Geez, it's 2010 already. 2000 was a minute and a half ago.
Ten years ago:
- I was 26-27. It was one of the best years of my life.
- I was a newlywed.
- I opened my own jewellery studio in a creepy old building.
- I came, smoked (not cigarettes), drank and went as I pleased.
- I became comfortable with myself.
It was a good year and a damn good decade.

Many things shaped the last ten years but nothing as earth shatteringly, shaken to the core important as the princess herself; Miss Sid.
The last six years define this decade for me (and Sean, I'm guessing).
I remember being on the Ossington bus , five months pregnant and having a total panic attack that I would lose myself after Sid was born. I was freaked that I would not be the same person or see things the same way after she came.
That fear was justified. I lost myself for better and worse. We all remember the worse, so I won't dwell on that. As for the better, it's a total cliche but I'm a better person because of her. Kids have a habit of letting you see what is important and what is crap.
That being said, I'm not perfect, far from it. I have a long, long, loooooong way to go. However, I have an excellent guide in my picky princess.

So here is my status for this New Year's eve:
- I am a Mom.
- I have a challenging job I enjoy.
- I don't make jewellery anymore (for now) but I still create every chance I get.
- I love my little family more than I can say.
- I own a rockin' rodent (lol).
- I'm still comfortable with who I am, although I need to work on the shyness/lack of confidence thing I've got going on.

So. Happy New Decade. Thanks for being part of the last one.


Kate's Life said...

Happy New Year Vicki!!!!!
As someone who has known your pre and post Sid- you haven't lost a thing! You continue to be the kind, smart, funny, creative all around awesome person you have always been!!! You are a phenomenal mom ( My personal hero) and you have a rockin' kid to match!!! Have a wicked decade my friend, I hope to be around to see it!!!

Emilie said...

Very well put. I'm hoping to be as involved and proud of a mom as you have been. I know it has been challenging, but you have navigated through it with flying colours. And you can really see your pride through your art- with beautiful pictures of Sid and stories that describe her life of adventures with you guys. Happy New Year to you and Sean, Sidney and Petal.