Saturday, February 21, 2009

dinner and a show

Sid loves to help me cook, she has to help every time. As you can imagine a five year old's help is sometimes, well, not all that helpful. So, last night we decide to make homemade mac & cheese. I scoured the internet for a new recipe and found a great little video. Sid was fascinated. We start making dinner and she is getting in my way and I'm getting frustrated, so I say: "Sid why don't I be the chef and you be the host of the show".
She gets a chair and talks to the "audience" about what I'm doing (the audience is a wagon full of dollies). It worked like a charm.
As for the mac & cheese, it was yummy. I'd up the amount of cheese next time and cut down the bread crumbs and definitely try to recommended wine too.


Tracey said...

Sid is a cutie Vic!! What an ingenious way to avoid the "help"!!

Kate's Life said...

She looks so grown up in this pic! Adorable and a future star for sure!!!

Deanna said...

Cuteness... she looks alot like you!

Stephanie M said...

sweetness! :)