Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reflection, introspection and three little words

Happy New Year!! I love spending a little time alone on New years day just to think. When I was a teenager my best friend Emilie and I would often have a New Years sleep over and talk in the morning about the year to come and the year that was.
2008 was an interesting year. A pretty good one for me, in fact. I had set a few scrapping goals and managed to accomplish them:
-get published in an American Magazine (Artful Blogger)
-Be accepted on a design team (The Scrapping Turtle-which I really miss but I couldn't keep up with since starting work. And later the Butterfly Crafts DT)
-be published in Scrapbook and Cards today (Sept & Dec)
This year my scrapping goals are simple. Keep challenging my self artistically and start submitting to the Big Magazines.
I feel fortunate this year to have found The Scrapping Turtle and have met so many wonderful ladies there. It's nice have a comfy scrapping "home". I want to continue having fun there this year!
Also, I finally found a job in my field and conquered most of my anxiety (more on that below).
Many scrappers are familiar with the concept of One Little Word. It was started by celeb scrapper extraordinaire Ali Edwards. It's a way to give your year a theme or purpose. I've never done it before since I can't narrow it down to one word. So this year I started mulling it over a few weeks ago and came up with three words.

Calm, Present and Organized

Calm- I want to be less hurried, to move with more purpose and grace. To be more relaxed and less anxious. I've had a lot of issues with anxiety since Sid was born and I'm finally at the point of being medication free. I want this to continue and I want to keep feeling good. These past few weeks have been very trying and I sometimes feel like giving in but I haven't yet.
Present- Trying to live more in the moment. Distraction is so easy to succumb to. This is really important for me to work on because of Sid. She's been having a lot of behavioural issues and I need to focus on her and helping her overcome them.
Organized- This one's a no-brainer but also the hardest one for me to follow through with. I'm a slob...pure and simple. I used to just not care. But lately it's driving me crazy. I've made little changes in my routine that have helped and I'm going to keep doing this until my house looks decent again!
I wish you all a fabulous New Year and I hope you share your One Little Word(s) with me.


Tracey said...

We're so glad you found the Turtle too Vick! It's been a fabulous year getting to know you!! Wishing you only bigger & better things for 2009!!!

By the way, I just saw your 2008 layout over at Butterfly Crafts - it's fabulous!!!

Kate's Life said...

Happy New Year Sweetie!!!
It is wonderful to see you doing so well! I am incredibly proud to be your friend and I thank you for getting me hooked on our fave scrappy pond!!!
I wish you much luck with your goals this year- I know you don't need it, you can do anything you set your mind to!
I may have to copy you on the key words thing- I am feeling a bit adrift myself these days!
All the best to you ( and Sean and Sid)

Penny B. said...

You sound like you're in a great place right now. What a wonderful way to start the new year!!

jenn said...

Fabulous choice of words my friend! I picked mine for this year too! I have a challenge up at Art Unleashed about it too :)

Glad we met this year too! You rawk girlfriend!

Kimberley said...

Our one little word is Adventure.
Our whole family is adopting this one for 2009. I am so glad that you are feeling so good as we start this year. I wish you a blessed 2009 and I wish for you all the happiness you deserve! You are sweet and gracefilled and generous with praise and friendship.
I loved seeing the organized word you chose. I think that I may join you in that one!! xo