Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ah the life....

Seriously this working Mom thing has got me down! How do you all do it? And blog? and scrap? Argh. The frigid temperatures have not helped either. I WANT SPRING NOW! Ok...enough belly aching. Here's a few new pages:
The first was a 5X5 challenge from the Scrapping Turtle. Love that tree!!
The second I did for a magazine call about Dads but it looks they never received it...grumpf. Oh well, I like it!
Thanks for looking!!


Deanna said...

These are fantastic layouts! Love what you did with the 5/5 supplies!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous layouts as usual Vick!!

Oh, and there is never enough time for anything when you are working & being a Mom! I just try to squeeze it in when I can and I still could use more hours in a day!!

Kate's Life said...

Love the 5x5 and the Dad and I lo is amazing- so cool!!!
Just keep keeping on Sweetie! Glad to see you scrapping when you can!

Stephanie M said...

awesome pages! :)

just keep going,dont stress yourself.:)

sarah said...

hey vicki!

i totally love your style. those pages are totally rockin'!

and don't worry, NO one ever has all the time to do everything. :) but no worries, you're amazing at being a mom and doing all these beautiful layouts.

happy sunday,

Regan said...

these are great, love the bright layout...too cool!

Michelle W said...

I think the Dad LO is fantastic !
Great to see you blogging... and yeah, it is hard when you're a working mum.
I'm sure you'll find some balance soon, just make sure that you get your ME time !


chelemom said...

Love both of these!!!! How do I do it? Not a whole lotta sleep! LOL!

Karen said...

Hi Vicki, I love these LO's - the Dad one is so cute. I have tagged you for a little photo game on my blog here

Karen xx