Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa redux

When we visited Santa two years ago he called Sid by name. She's never forgotten. Last year she was a little disappointed when he didn't. Although, she really liked the story he told her about taking Rudolf to the Toronto Zoo for a check up.
So this year she was wondering, eagerly I might add, if he would know her name. I explained that he had millions of children to visit every year and not to be sad if he didn't know her name.
So the big day arrives and I led her up the ramp to his castle and said quietly "Okay Sidney, it's your turn." Santa turned and said "Hi Sidney!" She gave the biggest smile and they had a great chat. After the pictures, she came over to us and I said: "Sid, he remembered your name, that's so cool". She looked at me straight faced and said "Mom he and I both heard you say my name first". Meaning: nice try Mom.


Tracey said...

The girl is just too smart! And adorable - I love this picture!!!

Stephanie M said...

aww....such a smart girl!
beautiful photo!

Regan said...

Kids....much smarter than we think!!

She is beautiful!

Kate's Life said...

Look at how beautiful this pic is!!! Love the dress and the story is priceless...true Sid! That kid doesn't miss a THING!!!!
Love it Vic!!!

Deanna said...

Little friggers huh, they have great memories for what they want to remember, lol! Great pic!

jenn said...

LmAO I love it! ;) Good try mom...hehe I love that!