Wednesday, November 05, 2008

She sure knows...

how to make me feel like an old tired mother. We were in the bath tonight and I was washing my makeup off (yes, I still rarely get in the tub with her) and asked her if I had any mascara under my eyes.
"No Mom," she answers, "but you have big bruises under your eyes".
"Those would be my under eye circles," I reply.
"And the skin is kinda funny".
"That would be my wrinkles...sigh", I respond.
Thanks Sid, you are more honest than a mirror under fluorescent lighting. Lucky me!


Kate's Life said...

OOH sweetie ( hugs)! I know how you feel, they love us just the same! I try to remember when TX is running circles around me!

Regan said...

LMAO, kids...gotta love them!

Stephanie M said...

lol..cute little girl.:)

have a great weekend!