Sunday, August 10, 2008

throws like...

her Mom. Sorry She's even got the puffed cheeks right.

I've been a bad blogger as I'm working, scrapping and enjoying summer too much!
We had a crazy night last night as we woke up to a
GIANT explosion and fire ball in the sky. It's hard to believe it was so far away. From our balcony and bedroom window it looked like an entire apartment block was on fire, thankfully we were wrong. I'm also thankful Sid slept through it. I know I'll never forget it
For those of you who aren't from these parts here the details:


Stephanie M said...

Hi Vicki,im fine,thanks for your bday wishes,i really appreciated it.:) glad that you are alright.
well,on & off i still visit SIS tv.:)
have a great week!

jenn said...

I love that photo and as sports oriented as my family is... i'm not... thats totally me too! lol ;) Glad your okay through all that scary stuff :(