Saturday, November 24, 2007

Look Mom, I'm in a magazine!

Okay so the scan is lousy, I agree. But I can't seem to fix it...honest. You'll just have to go out and buy a copy of Canadian Scrapbooker to see all the scrappy loveliness close up. (Available soon at Indigo and Chapters).

Vic and Sean, the mullet years is on page 27. (He really never went out in public without it in a ponytail...honest. Hence the nickname of "sensitive ponytail guy" that will not die...right Kate?)

The adorable Sidney Moore and Madeleine Dove are featured on page 118.
All right the shameless plug is over!


Kevin Dove said...

very cool!

Stephanie Mah said...

woohoo, thats awesome!!(:

ScrapFairy said...

that is so cool congrats. Love the banner.

Amy said...

Congrats! :)