Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cough medicine, sunsets and celebrities.

Kids Nyquil is not a nice medicine. Since taking it Sid has decided she needs to cut her sleep time by about 3 hours. What the?? Of course she's not getting up earlier, oh no, Mom's up early for work so why would she bother? No, she likes to "lie" in bed and chat to herself, dolls and who ever else she's imagining in bed with her. So what's the big deal you may ask? Well that's OK if you live in a two story, four bedroom house, but we don't. We have a rather cosy two bedroom apartment . Which means I'm sitting here like a monk till she falls asleep. Last night, instead of cracking open a bottle of wine and watching Citizen Kane like we planned, Sean fell asleep on the couch and I played on line games without sound. Did I mention he works most nights? Well there's always next month.

So here's a little eye candy. One of the few benefits of our place. Lovely sunsets, ten stories above ground:

This past weekend we attended "Word on the Street". It's a book fair here in town and pre-kids we used to go every year. Last time I was there it was a rather adult affair in a trendy hood. I felt so un-read. This time (four + years later) it's a park with a kids area and stage. Cool.
TVO (TV Ontario) was hosting the stage and Sid was so excited to meet some of her fave TV characters. She even got
Gisele's autograph. Not sure who was more excited her or us. After all, we owe that women a lot. As the host of TVO morning show she's enabled me to make breakfast uninterrupted for years now!! We also got to meet Polkaroo (he was on TV when I was a kid) and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

As well, there's a new Princess in the house and his name is Thomas Xavier. Poor kid! I see therapy in his future. If his parents don't fire me first!


Stephanie Mah said...

Vicki, great shots!!

Magpie said...

Oops. I've had that happen with children's medicines, too. The part where the label tells you it may cause either drowsiness or extreme excitability always made me groan, because I knew it meant my kids would be excitable, not drowsy. No fun!

Michelle said...

LOVE the sunset shot! And the 'princess' is too cute! :D

Noelia said...

Seems like you had a wonderful time in TO. I remember going to the TVA fest with my then 2 year-old daughter because she loved Polkaroo (sp?). You got me wanting to dig out the old photos! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments :)