Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The good, the bad and the frustrating

The good:

Cute pics from Sid's first girly sleepover. We played, watched a chick flick, ate multicoloured popcorn and we would have braided each others hair but it was all too short.

The bad:

My Easter pictures, well, they bite.

The frustrating:

The reason why the Easter pics bite is that my beloved lemon of a camera died. I'm blaming Sean since he was the last in possesion of it. The last time I lent him a camera it got stolen in Singapore. I think he's cursed. So if you know of any amazing deals on a camera, please let me know. I leave for NYC in just over two weeks.

Bonus post:
I found a stash of old film we never got developed. Here's a sample:

Elias and Sid's first meeting, the day of the blackout. August 14th 2003.

Exhausted new Dad's first day at work. :)

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