Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter, Doodlebops and Nutty Buddy

Well, chronologically these pictures are upside down..I'm still learning!
So two weekends ago we headed out to Burlington and London to hang with the grandfolks. Sid had a lovely time having quality time with Poppa while Mom and I got to shop.
Sunday morning we drove down to London to see Nana and Grampa Wally and see the Doodlebops live. (
Sid dressed up in her best purple dress and hair. She had a great time at the concert and cleaned up at the souvenir table. I've been humming those darn tunes ever since.
The next day we went to Victoria Park to feed the squirrels. Anyone from London knows that Vic Park has the tamest squirrels around. They were eating out of Sid's hands in about two minutes. No signs of rabies yet...phew.
Easter was a candy and chocolate bonanza as it should be for every two year old.
We had a great brunch Nana and Poppa Murray's, complete with freakish butter sculptures. Sid was surprised by a lovely Easter basket from Chas, Uncle Chuck and Auntie Kym. Nana made Sidney a gorgeous blue gingham dress that was perfect on her. She even had a matching hat, socks and shoes.
It's absolutely stunning!!!
Well summers here this week so look for more outdoor shots soon.